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The World Whistles Research Association

Research lines

Scientific research is a powerful mean of change because it is recognized by the dominant model of industrial society that has employed it. Moreover, it is more and more used to show the danger of some applications for the survival of the ecosystems of which the humans constitute one part of te chain. To propose alternatives and protect the natural middles, the knowledge of the cultures that know them is essential. But it is utopic to pretend understanding an oral patrimony without integrating in the teams of research, in the long term, its owners.

That's why, we initiate and support scientific initiatives that take into account the point of view of the minoritary cultures concerned by: whistled speech, instrumentally played speech, a peculiar use of their knowledge of animal communications.

In our teams, several people are themselves engaged in programs of scientific research since several years

Domains of research

  • Linguistics (phonetic and phonologic descriptions, diversity, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics...)
  • Bioacoustics (acoustic physiology, propagation...)
  • Ethology (conservation of the natural biotopes thanks to the analysis of the ecologic nesting and of the animal behavior)
  • Didactics (application to school teaching)
  • Musicology and musical acoustics
  • Anthropology of the communication


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